In the Yoruba Language in Nigeria – Imoleayo means Light of Joy. This name is very apt for Imole. Imole comes from a family of 7 – and they would all sleep in a tiny room and then get up the next day to roam the street.

Our Founder Ms. Seyi Oluyole took a liking for Imole – as she’d see her sitting on the side of the road when other children would be in school. Ms. Oluyole struck up a conversation with her and found out that only one child in Imole’s family went to school and he was a boy. She was constantly sad that her brother was chosen to go to school instead of one of the girls. Imole would roam the streets with her baby brother – hoping to get some food and help. She would be so scared to go home at night – as they would also get beaten by her father for making the most little mistake. The joy Imole exuded even while going through a tough time caught out eye. At age 5, she was enrolled into the Dream Catchers Academy program in 2015. Imole was exposed to neglect, abuse and is a survivor of GBV. However, having been enrolled in our program, she has grown. Imole does exceptionally well in visual arts and loves to draw. Imole was exposed to neglect, abuse and is a survivor of GBV, Imole still struggles with esteem issues – and is getting better and growing.

Imole loves to draw and is constantly referred to as the Academy’s clown. Like her name – Light of Joy ‘Imoleayo’ – Imole brings so much Light and Joy into our lives and the lives of her sisters in the academy.

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