Taiwo and Kehinde are twin sisters with the most beautiful smile and bond. The twin girls lived in a wooden house in the Ebute slum with their single mother who struggled to feed and care for them. The house the twins shared with their mother caught fire and the girls were left homeless and very susceptible to Abuse and GBV. During our community assessment, we met one of the twins and spoke to her. Few minutes later, we saw someone who looked exactly like the young girl we spoke to. And this is how we realized they were twins. We were able to meet their mother who showed us around the community and where their house used to sit. She explained the struggles of caring for them and being unable to enroll them in school. The twins immediately fell into our target audience. We carried out all important tests and enrolled the girls at the academy. Taiwo and Kehinde now have a home to live with us at Dream Catchers Academy. They are protected And have the opportunity to grow and live a normal life like every child deserves.

They are currently in Year 1 and while they struggle with English, they are mathematical champions. Taiwo is always there to help Kehinde when she struggles. Taiwo sings and
dances beautifully and is learning in her music class. Kehinde loves to act, and is learning in
her drama classes.

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