Our Foundation

The Dream Nurture Foundation is a registered developmental organization supporting disadvantaged children​ and young people through education, welfare and mentorship. We work with all children regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Every day, we invest in children, lighting up their world and creating an opportunity for them to succeed. We provide a healthy start and continuous growth for children with constant opportunity to learn.

This organization provides vulnerable and at risk young people with fun educational opportunities, a learning center and a chance to develop ingrained talents. Our organization is dedicated to help these young individuals focus on education, build their self-esteem, develop creative skills, enhance resilience, learn about their environment and value teamwork.

The Dream Nurture Foundation hopes to help and encourage children to stay in school while pursuing their dreams and passion. A subsidiary of our organization is The Dream Catchers Academy – a free academy which uses dance, drama (acting) and music to empower orphaned, street and impoverished kids.

The foundation is founded by Seyi Oluyole and has been in existence since 2005 even though it was officially registered in 2016.

Over the years, we have organized and held various programs to empower children in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Some pictures from our outreach programs – Yearly we hold a free summer program for slum kids with intensive educational classes for 4 weeks. And then empowering them with back to school materials – to encourage them to return to school.

Lending a Helping Hand

Support these kids with your money and put a smile and some clothes on the kids.

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