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Our academy has donated welfare items to over 5000 people over the years. Your donations have taken us this far and we will like to say thank you for always supporting us.

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Do you have any preference for child selection, please? If yes, Kindly state
How would you like to sponsor?
How many years of child sponsorship do you intend to process?
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What level of child's education do you wish to support?
Progressive report, photos, etc. of child(ren) would be sent to you quarterly, please let us know if you decide otherwise.
When would you like to be contacted for the child’s school fees, please?

Sponsors will get periodic updates and pictures of their sponsored child (if sponsor desires).
Our doors are always open to sponsors, volunteers, and passionate people about our work.
You can send us an email if you have more questions via info@dreamcatchersacademy.org

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