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Through the generosity of well-meaning people and supporters of Dream Catchers Academy and Dream Nurture Foundation whose joy is always to see our kids happy and become solution providing leaders. From June 20th – October 10th through our Gofundme, we raised the sum of 7,433,195 NGN ($19,307) and personal Donations of 2,851,578 NGN ($7,406.70).

With these funds, we were able to commence activities for our proposed school building.

  • The sum of 2,118,900NGN ($5,503.64) for the construction of the foundation
  • The sum of 2,794,873 NGN ($7,259.41) for procurement of building materials and community development services
  • 1,957,000NGN ($5,083.12) for wall, reinforced concrete, columns, beams, lintel, etc.
  • 3,414,000NGN ($8,867.53) for procurement of additional blocks, workmanship, general logistics & PR, government documentation, drilling of a borehole, part payment for electricity prepaid metre

We are counting on you to help us achieve our next level of the building project.

The next stage is the Construction of the 1st floor reinforced slab and beams including a staircase which will cost 4,000,000 NGN ($ 10,389.61).

Proposed Building Designs

Where We Are Now

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