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Home Life and Welfare

Many of our girls have suffered homelessness and abuse from living in unsafe communities and have been survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV). Our living space provides a safe and healthy place for our girls to grow and flourish. They have enough time to focus on their goals and education.

Help a child get a bed space.


Children need proper nutrients to stay healthy and strong, and grow up healthy and strong. Our girls have suffered malnutrition before they got to us and we are committed to ensuring that nutrients are replaced and they grow up healthy and can focus in school. A healthy diet really fuels the brain, making children more likely to focus easily and perform well at school.

All our girls get fed three times a day with healthy and nutritious meals.

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Arts Education

At Dream Catchers Academy, we are raising leading creative ambassadors with leadership qualities and technological skills. Despite the rich legacy of the arts in Nigeria, arts education is not accessible to girls from the slum and marginalized communities and a very small percentage of children have access to arts training and education. A focus study done in the Ikorodu community has shown that adolescent girls who desire a career in the arts often drop out before high school because they believe formal education plays no important role in their career path.

Many girls have fallen victim to predators and traffickers due to false ‘stories of success’. We have volunteers and professionals teaching our students how to become great creatives and leaders. It is important that girls feel empowered and supported in their chosen career field.

Formal Education

According to Unicef, Worldwide, 129 million girls are out of school. We Invest in girls’ education so we can transform communities, countries and the entire world. When girls receive education, they are less likely to marry young and more likely to lead healthy, productive lives. Through educating girls, we are convinced we will strengthen economies and reduce inequality. We are in line with Goal 4 and 5.

Farming Program

All our girls have a portion of land to plant on. We are empowering our girls with agricultural skills which is in line with SDGs Goal 1 and 2 – No Poverty and Zero Hunger. We want to inspire financial independence as they grow.

With farming skills, our girls understand raising food, working hard, communication and caring for others. Our farming project also helps us stay sustainable as we eat all of our produce.

Support our farming project.

Our Performances

Our girls are seasoned performers and entertainers and get the chance to perform at events and also on instagram, youtube and other social media platforms. A percentage of Donations given from performances is put into a trust fund for our girls – to help build financial independence as they grow older.

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Field Trips

Field trips help students interact with what they are learning. Through field trips, students can answer the question of how learning can be applied in life. With sponsorships and partnerships – we are able to take our students on important and educative

Giving Back

The importance of paying it forward can never be overemphasized. As our girls are blessed to receive so much – we teach them to give to others. As a reminder that they must be the change they want to see in the world.

Read about our success stories.

According to Unicef, there are 18.5 million out of school children in Nigeria, 60 percent of these out of school children are girls – that is over 10 million girls are out of school – facing barriers such as child marriage, poverty and discriminatory social norms.

When girls grow up healthy, educated, safe and empowered, they can fulfill their potential to be leaders in their communities, countries and the world.

Lending a Helping Hand

Support these kids with your money and put a smile and some clothes on the kids.

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