Meet the Girls


Seun is a tough and strong girl. She was from a stable home until her dad died. Then everything went upside down... Read More


Being a member of The Dream Catchers Academy is an escape for Nini. She is intelligent and is focused... Read More


Konko is a vibrant young lady. Prior to joining The Dream Catchers, she used to roam the streets with her younger... Read More


Mimi is intelligent, outspoken and ready to learn. She lives with the Dream Catchers in the home. Before joining... Read More


Princess likes to act like a quiet baby but surprises us by speaking up. She lost her father at the age of 2 and... Read More



My name is TTD and I will like to tell you a story. When I was 6 years old, my daddy left the house... Read More


Busayo is bright eyed and intelligent girl. She is from a broken home where her mother and father are no longer together and her mother is left alone... Read More


Rebecca is a shy girl who was orphaned after losing her father at a very young age. At such a young age, Rebecca has had her fair share of... Read More


Zainab is a quiet young girl and used to live in the Ajegunle slum before being enrolled in Dream Catchers Academy. Zainab was never in school... Read More


Ebube is 5 years old. She used to live in the slum with no parental care and was exposed to all forms of abuse as a child.... Read More


Bunmi is a bright child from a low-income home. She loves to work hard and dreams of a better life. She always tries to speak better... Read More


Precious had been abandoned by parents and had to live with a family member. She is constantly forgotten and gets hurt a lot because she... Read More


Ngozi is like a peacock and a puzzle. Very easy to misunderstand until you get to know her - and then you realize she is a... Read More


Oyin was being raised by a single father before she moved into the Dream Catchers Hostel. Due to very... Read More


Tayo is being raised by a single mother after being left by her father. Tayo had never been to school until she... Read More


Ruth is very bright and outspoken. Young and knows how to speak up for herself. She is from a low-income... Read More


Happiness is from a low-income household with a mother determined to see her succeed. This is why... Read More


Peace is being raised by a single mother and is popularly known as ‘Omo iya Eleja’ in her community. She was... Read More

Big Mary

Mary is ambitious and wants a life outside of poverty - this is why sometimes she would trek long distances just to get to school... Read More

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