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In 2020, we began building the first free formal and arts education school in Lagos Nigeria. This school would cater to 100 gifted girls who are indigent or orphaned. With your donations – In March 2022, we finished this school building and commissioned it.

This will be the first FREE formal and arts education academy for indigent girls in Nigeria. As much as Nigeria is known for its rich entertainment and arts culture – Arts education is not accessible to young girls in the slums and low income homes. Our school is here to change that narrative – we will provide the necessary introduction to arts to young indigent girls who desire a career in the arts. Our School provides free formal education, arts education, daily meals (3 times a day), healthcare, shelter and general welfare to 100.

We couldn’t have made it this far without all your help and support. We are grateful for your continued donations. We were able to raise a total of $24,763.7 via our Gofundme. We also received other forms of donations from partners and donors.

We were able to achieve this feat because of the support of you all – from our cyber family donations, to Lady Gaga donating her IG story for a day, to the NFT Project – who donated proceeds to us from their first drop – This helped us complete the building and has opened doors for young girls.
And because of you all, indigent and orphaned girls in Nigeria have renewed up and a future to look towards.

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Hostel Building

Now, we all know that care does not stop after school- home life is a key factor in the development of kids.. Many of our girls have suffered homelessness and abuse from living in unsafe communities and have been survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) . To keep girls safe and cared for while they access education, we will be building a home for the girls.

Hence, we would love to raise the sum of $250,000 to help build and provide a home and welfare for indigent girls – along with free education.
We have purchased a plot of land in Ikorodu, Lagos – Nigeria and we are asking for donations to start building a home for these beautiful girls.

Our living space provides a safe and healthy place for our girls to grow and flourish. They have enough time to focus on their goals and education. We currently have 30 students in our program but there are many more girls out there in need of a home to live in. Once this building is completed – it will be a home to 100 homeless girls in Nigeria.

Once completed – The building will provide a home for 100 indigent and orphaned girls. They will have a place to lay their heads at night, and have a safe place to live in with their academy sisters.

Dream Catchers Academy has a clear theory of change:
To transform the lives of less privileged girls who have experienced homelessness, neglect, or economic hardship resulting in lack of educational attainment by giving them a chance through providing a home, quality education, arts education, welfare, arts and life skills.

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Lending a Helping Hand

Support these kids with your money and put a smile and some clothes on the kids.

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