Seun was heading out to play with her sisters when she saw a group of people crying and her mum right in the middle. This is how she found out her dad was dead. He had gone to work,
promised to be back with some gifts and never returned. Seun’s life changed forever. Her
mother who was out of a job at the time had no way of taking care of four little children. At 4 years old, Seun had to drop out of school and started to live with anyone who would offer her food. Seun was 5 years old when we heard her story at Dream Catchers Academy. At this time, she’d pick food from the floor and trash cans to eat. One week after Seun joined the program, she was seen holding a coconut piece. We found out she had picked this from the floor to eat. Not because there is no food but because old habits die hard. We began to provide psycho-social support for her as we enrolled her in school. Seun struggled a lot with following instructions and coping in school. Writing was a big challenge – however as years went by Seun got better. Seun is still in the Dream Catchers Academy program and currently in her last year in primary school. Seun lights up when dancing and is a great leader. She loves to handle responsibilities and is very outspoken. Seun has a family at Dream Catchers Academy and lives at the Academy with her sisters. We are so proud of Seun.

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